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A Survey for the Makers, Bakers & Growers of BC's Farmers Markets

An opportunity to share your voice & help shape the DCCM's future.

Our goal with the following survey is to hear from every maker, baker and grower in the community – an opportunity to hear their opinion, and let us know their needs for a market, in order to shape it in a way that serves everyone, and attempt to give a voice to those who often go voiceless in the creation of services that serve them.  Your participation and feedback is essential to developing an effective market that serves the greater community as a whole. 

Filling out the form below is not required to participate in the Downtown Chilliwack Community Market, we are grateful for all feedback from the community. 

Please fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible. 

Your feedback is anonymous, however, if you provide us any contact information it will no longer be anonymous.

Thank you for helping us shape the new Downtown Chilliwack Community Market. 

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